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Here at Webbuilt4u we have plenty experience managing complicated campaigns with spend levels from only £100 a month To our larger clients who spend thousands a month.

Mainly we use Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Ask Sponsored Listings, and MSN’s adCenter. We can set up a simple test campaign for you to test the waters or a full blown campaign integrated with your web analytics software and ROI and conversion tracking.

Pricing Structure

At Webbuilt4u we strive towards fair pricing and matching the cost to the client with the amount of work performed. Our pricing structure for paid search management takes into account the size and complexity of the campaign. We generally charge a set-up fee the first month and then recurring fees based on the sophistication of your reporting and maintenance needs.

Unlike many other firms we consider ourselves to merely be managers of a campaign that you own. Often time business decide to move on only to find that they are not the ‘owners’ of their Google AdWords campaign and cannot move to an in-house solution or to another management firm without starting from scratch. All account that we manage are done from a master account that you provide and can remove access to your account that is set up with your personal information. If at any time you decide you no longer require our services your marketing campaign stays with you.
ppc management: in-house or outsource?

Should you manage your own PPC campaign in-house or outsource it? This is a complex question that depends on your personnel, capabilities, and the specifics on the campaign itself.

Launched in 2000, AdWords is Google’s flagship advertising service and main source of revenue. AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner adverts. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international, global distribution. Google’s text advertisements are short, consisting of one title line (a maximum of 25 characters) and two descriptive text lines (a maximum of 35 characters per line). Image ads can be one of several different sizes, as based on Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards.

Despite the new similarities between their quality score/quality index principles, there are many differences between Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. For instance, AdSense. Google Adwords content network services provide one of the largest networks of individual niche markets on the internet. Currently Yahoo! Search Marketing does not have any form of network which can compete with this large web master bay, for the minimal cost per click Google Pays out.

Traffic is another example. According to the most recent figures, Google will provide you with approximately 66% of your traffic, and utilise roughly the same amount of your Internet Marketing Budget. Whilst Yahoo will take only 22% of your internet marketing leaving approximately 12% for MSN AdCenter.

The offline tool provided by Google (AdWords Editor) is another major difference. The tool, once installed on your computer, allows you to swiftly change bids, add/remove campaigns, adgroups and keywords and review performance of your account. Adding new accounts and making wholesale changes to campaigns is quick and easy with Editor.

The same cannot be said for Yahoo!. In order to make a bulk change to your account in Yahoo!; you have to download their CSV format file which is a copy of your account’s campaigns, adgroups, ads and keywords. Working with a CSV file of this size in Excel is very cumbersome, even if you have a large desktop area – it’s just too many columns to comfortably work with when you are dealing with thousands of rows worth of entries. Compared to working in AdWords Editor, this is a very poor way of dealing with the whole account – especially if you wish to make any kind of large scale restructure/reorganisation to the account, such as URL changes to the ad text across the board. Once desired changes are made and uploaded in the modified CSV file, however, inexplicable error messages are not uncommon and for someone entering the internet advertising arena for the first time, this can be quite daunting.

In conclusion, Google Adwords is widely considered to be the best search engine PPC system around today. Be careful with your budgeting, however, as your advertising expenses can run up quickly (Google is omnipotent at the moment and your ads will be clicked on). For the first few weeks of every campaign, monitor your results and use the conversion tracker extensively. At the end of this period, eliminate keywords you feel are underperforming and update your bids on the ones you see returns on. While Google is still the king of search, any serious PPC advertiser must also look at Yahoo Search Marketing. Failing to do so would eliminate a great deal of online advertising potential and diminish your market reach. While most advertisers will say that better results can be obtained through Google, Yahoo’s search network can still be a force used to drive shoppers to your site. Our recommendation would be to try both together and then allocate funds as necessary. Be careful here too as Yahoo’s high visitor counts can definitely drive up your advertising costs. The minimum bid on Yahoo tends to be twice that on Google so you may want to leave less-relevant search terms off.

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