Making you a new website is only the first part of the complete website management package we run here at Webbuilt4u. Once we have designed and built your new web prescence, we will then market the website. Usually through organic SEO, but if you are in a rush for quick results (as organic seo takes time) we offer pay per click services.

Mainly through Google Adwords, but we offer a whole range of other advertising opportunities.

No more calling your hosts, your designers and then your IT company to set up an email, we deliver that all in 1 call.


Web Designers In Essex…

Our approach to good web design is simple – we listen.

Our customers have a very strong idea of what they want to achieve, and which customers they are trying to attract.

At Webbuilt4u we will try and communicate a clients business online, as simply, clearly and effectively as possible. Every business has a message, and its our jog to put a face to that message.

Our designers are brilliant at taking a clients ideas, married with the input from us, to produce designs and ideas which knock people’s socks off. Believe us, web design is a skill set of its own, it’s not quite the same as wiring a network!

Have a look around our Portfolio of web sites we have done in the past. We’re sure you’ll find something you like and we can then talk more.


Marketing Websites Since 2005

Our marketing department has a combined 20 years experience in web site marketing , Search Engine Optimisation, and Cost per click. They have their fingers on the pulse in the latest internet trends. From Twitter to Facebook to Myspace. If it can be used to promote your business we are all over it.

For any Marketing activity it is essential to know where your website traffic is coming from, we can assess your tracking stats in many areas; what Keywords are being used to find you; how many visitors are you getting and critically where are they leaving the site plus many more valuable pieces of information.

As part of our monthy managed service you will receive either Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports regarding this.

The internet is probably the fastest evolving sector on the planet today. With billions of web pages floating out there in the Clouds, getting your web pages in front of people searching for that service or product, is the most important factor for any person who owns a web site.

We scour the net on an hourly/daily basis, reading all of the millions of information given from forums, experts etc. to make sure any changes in the way the search engines rank web pages, is passed on to our clients.

We have 2 options:- PPC where you pay to fees to ranked on the first page (normally on the right hand side), or organic SEO, where you don’t pay the search engines, its an asset for your business.


Website Management

Once you have made the right web design Essex company choice we will then look after your website, saving you thousands in hiring someone with the technical know how too keep your website up to date.

You will be given your own project manager who will be your point of contact at all times, you won’t need to speak to several people to get a something changed. One project manager. One phone number, a batphone straight to their desk

Managing your website interlinks with the ongoing marketing of your website. with the reporting, for a small monthly fee we look after everything, we renew and pay for your website domains, your hosting, everything that goes into making and managing a website is covered. It really is a no brainer. Its like having a 35K a year web genius sat in your office. Without the problem of paying 35 thousand pounds a year to someone.