As we approach the season of goodwill, it’s utter chaos here at Webbuilt4u with the development team all working overtime fixing e-commerce websites to make them comply with the new 15% VAT that landed here this week. Luckily most of our sites are coded using the fantastic open source software Magento, but some of the earlier ones are having to be hacked away at, as no-one ever thought this would ever happen. And VAT has been set at 17.5% since the internet was invented.

In other news we have taken on more clients to our managed service, and the marketing team are already had at work giving them a boost in the rankings and examining their competition. We also added a load of new sites to our web design portfolio.

Christmas fever is not far away, with the MD announcing he is taking us all to see the Stereophonics at the MEN arena, and then out for a meal, and then drinking. That might be in the wrong order, I will have to check when he comes in.  Doesn’t matter that no-one actually likes more than one song that the Sterophonics have released, but Charlie seems to like them, and he’s paying. So we can’t complain. Its certainly better than most peoples Christmas Parties. From next week the only thing rotating on the dukebox will be “Now that’s what I call Christmas”.

in other news, Matt (me) was burgled, had his car stolen, had a fence built, had security lights and CCTV installed and found the following things on his travels on the internet. And decided to give some link love out to them.

Google announced Search Wiki, which is a right pain in the arse for all SEO’s worldwide. The Search engine industry errupted in protest.

Apple released an update for my iphone which stopped Safari crashing 5697493 times a day. It also brought about something called Streetview. Which doesn’t exist in the UK yet.

Some American bloke did an excellent tutorial on the masses of new things you can do with Google Analytics. A lot of time this week in the marketing department was spent getting our heads around these new advanced features.

Speaking of Americans, half the internet was clogged up on Thursday with some nonsense about Thanksgiving. And I predict the other half will be clogged up with adverts about “Black Friday” today. Because you know, the internet only seems to exist in America. Doesn’t it?