With all new website we create for you the answer is yes, even if you have told us you dont want to, like in the example conversation below. We encourage you to update your own site and create ‘news’ as its good for your potential customers to see your updates and good for your search engine visitor numbers.
[Wordpress Query] Really keen on moving things on with my website as I really need it to suceed. I have done a bit but not sure if i am doing things right.Could you have a look for me please. Also I have just done a post on my news page (blog)I can see it on preview but not on the site, has it worked and this sort of thing worth doing? What advice and help do I need (if any) your help and advice on my website is always appreciated
[Website Designers] You are half way there. You can’t just write a post and expect it to show up on your site. Your wrote a Post, so that post has to be added to a category of your news section or blog. None of this is on your website because that wasn’t requested in the beginning. I remember asking you if you wanted to be able to add news / posts to the site and you said you would never get around to it even though you understood it would be good for you site. So I am pleased you now want this included, to help you, I have added the category Resources and also a link to your news / blog in the navigation at the top of the web pages. Now each time you add a post and select Resources category and then click Publish it will appear on the blog.